Meeting the offshore wind industry

Uni Computing does research within both forecasting and climatology, and therefore it is natural to be part of the largest offshore wind conference.

Research director Klaus Johannsen (left) talking to Jesper Thiesen, CEO at ConWx in Denmark. Angus Graham, Alastair Jenkins, Torge Lorenz and Alla Sapronova from Uni Computing were also present at the conference.

Last week four members from the Environmental Flow Group at Uni Computing and research director Klaus Johannsen attended the offshore wind conference Ewea.

- This is a major event in offshore wind for industry and academy. We are building networks and making customers aware of all our high end products. We also use the conference to get in direct contact with customer’s needs, explains Alla Sapronova, one of the researchers.

They had four posters at the conference and were present at the expo.

- There we initiated new contacts with potential customers and R&D worldwide, as well as used this event as a meeting point to reassure the contacts with already established partners, Sapronova says.

Research director Klaus Johannsen in a conversation with Frøydis Jaren from Innovation Norway.

Uni Computing does a range of research, which is useful for the offshore wind industry: Short and long term forecasts, extensive climatology and predictive modeling based on big and intelligent data processing.

- We also aim to further develop high end science and computational services to the benefit of science and industry, and to take a leading position in science based service for offshore research and development, research director Klaus Johannsen says.

He finds it useful to be a part of the event in Frankfurt.
- It’s been very efficient: we have got a clear idea that our competitive products on climatology and predictive modeling are highly relevant and at high demand, he says.

Nov. 25, 2013, 9:14 a.m.

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