Uni Research and Polytec establishes new company

Uni Research and Polytec will establish Uni Research Polytec AS. Polytec will transfer its entire activity into the new company. In practice Polytec will be operated as a new department at Uni Research.

Aina M. Berg, managing director Uni Research

The board at Uni Research Ltd made the decision on Tuesday September 1.

– For about a year we have discussed the possibility of working together, both on project and on organizational level. The possible gain for our customers is the reason why the company is established. Polytec has highly skilled groups that blends well with several of ours. Together we will offer high quality research and development, says managing director Aina Berg at Uni Research.

By the end of 2015, the scheduled time frame for the company to be operative, Uni Research's activities will geographically span from Bergen to Sunnhordland and Haugalandet.  

– Polytec and Uni Research have complementary high quality research groups. This is a win-win for the region. Western Norway needs a big, powerful research institute, close to customers both in private and public sector, says managing director Gunnar Birkeland at Polytec.

Gunnar W. Birkeland, managing director Polytec

Cooperation has already started, in terms of joint project applications. Research areas that points out are fish farming, climate and energy.

Future plans

Both Uni Research and Polytec have activities targeting the fish farming industry, and keywords are facility design, operations, fish health, weather forecasts including season forecasts for waves, wind and ocean current, connecting flow models and biological models, sustainable development in coastal areas and land use planning.

There are also plans to establish a national centre for coastal security. The centre will aim to provide more knowledge, alerts and forecasts for safer traffic along the coast. The Norwegian Coastal Administration         has expressed interest in such a centre.

– With the new company we can further develop the region's research within renewable energy production within  offshore wind and hydropower plants, says Birkeland.

About Uni Research

Uni Research Ltd, based in Bergen, is a research company with more than 400 highly-qualified employees from 35 different nations. The company has an annual turnover of NOK 400 million and consists of six departments. Uni Research carries out research and development in the fields of health, environment, climate, bio production, energy and social sciences. Uni Research is a partner in the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, three centres of Environment-friendly Energy Research and one centre for research based Innovation.

About Polytec

The Foundation Polytec originated in 1988, and is located in Haugesund and at Stord. Polytec is among other things known for the development of wave- and current forecasts for The Norwegian Coastal Administration, the work on increased Norwegian gas export and closing the gap in technology on CO2 transport. Polytec is an active partner in NCE Maritime Cleantech og GCE Subsea. Polytech has strong specialist environments within risk management, metocean, gas technology and applied physics. Priority areas are renewable energy, oil, gas, fish farming and marine technology development.


Aina Berg, managing director Uni Research
Cell:  +47 416 67 025

Gunnar Birkeland, managing director Polytec
Cell: +47 909 81 029

Sept. 8, 2015, 8:38 a.m.

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