Open Access: Does the Type of Service Provider Affect User Satisfaction? Public, For-Profit and Nonprofit Kindergartens, Schools and Nursing Homes in Norway

Does the type of service provider affect user satisfaction? 

This chapter compares public, for-profit and nonprofit kindergartens, schools and nursing homes in Norway based on recent survey data. Our data allow us to identify respondents with actual experience with specific services and to distinguish between different welfare providers.

We found that user satisfaction with private schools and kindergartens is higher than with corresponding public providers.

Similarly, for-profit kindergartens enjoy slightly higher levels of user satisfaction than nonprofit providers. In sum, however, differences in user satisfaction are small, and given an overall high level of satisfaction, one should be careful placing too much emphasis on variations between different providers of welfare services in Norway.

Link to the article, by Tord Skogedal Lindén, Audun Fladmoe og Dag Arne Christensen

"Promoting Active Citizenship. Markets and Choice in Scandinavian Welfare", Karl Henrik Sivesind & Jo Saglie (eds).

Sept. 22, 2017, 12:20 p.m.

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