New book: The city that went ashore

Morten Hammerborg has written the book about Haugesund city history after 1950.

Haugesund's history after the Second World War is primarily about a city that tried to come ashore.

The herring and shipping town of Haugesund should turn its backs to the soundy economic climate of the sea and become the self-evident political, economic and cultural center in its own region called Haugaland. 

The author tells about the expansion of the city council's borders in the 1950s, housing construction in the post-war period, the work for rail and airport, the big trade with the surrounding area, and the development of the festival city Haugesund. 

He finishes the story of this distinctive city by showing how the escape from the sea only partially succeeded.

Link to the book.

Oct. 20, 2017, noon

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