Research Area: Climate


We undertake research on past and present climate changes. We investigate how climate is changing locally - and we look at the impact of climate change both in individual municipalities, and on the national and international scale. 

We conduct pioneering research on local climate adjustments which are designed to ensure that both public and private sector users are provided with the best possible basis for making decisions.

It is essential that we adapt to climate changes by acquiring more detailed knowledge about rainfall/snowfall, wind and temperature in order to ensure sound, sustainable local communities.

We are experts on advanced climate modelling which is not just important for climate services, but also for climate gas emission scenarios. We contribute towards both the work of decision-makers in respect of reducing CO2 emissions and towards the International Climate Panel's basic knowledge. 

In addition to our top technical modelling expertise, we are also developing marine environment monitoring by keeping a close eye on ice development in the Arctic and Antarctic, monitoring CO2 leaks using sensors and keeping tabs on ocean and fjord acidification.


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