Research Area: Health

We bring together researchers within the fields of psychology, medicine, odontology and social sciences, and carry out research which is important for the health of both children and youth, adults and the elderly.

We evaluate and investigate the national health- and welfare system in public and private sector. The persistent aim of our research is new knowledge and better services for users.

We have leading research groups that investigate effects of sickness absence measures, and measures for work inclusion. Developing methods for analyzing and evaluating measures which can bring people on long term sick leave and welfare benefits faster back to work, are emphasized.

Our researchers acquire unique knowledge which contributes to the strengthening of psychic health care for children and youth. We are in the forefront of research into topics such as sleep, bullying, child welfare service and music therapy.

We have nationally leading research environments in elderly medicine, and emergency primary health care, which contribute to enhanced quality and productivity for health services in the municipalities.  


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