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Interglacials and glacials - natural experiments in biodiversity dynamics (IGNEX).

Climate History along the Arctic Seaboard of Eurasia (CHASE).

Greenland Margins: Glacial Ice, Ocean and Atmospheric Dynamics (MARGINS).

No-analogue climates and ecological responses in the past and future (NoAClim).

Pollen traps at Upsete and Finse – monitoring of present day tree-line


Research interests

My research interest covers a wide diversity of methods, timescales, and topics. Among the most important are general aspects of pollen and plant macrofossil analysis, long-term ecology, vegetation history and future impacts on vegetation, climate change and climate history, tree-line changes, forest development, forest history, past and present pollen – vegetation - landscape relationships, biodiversity changes through time, landscape change, ecosystem resilience, human land-use and impacts on vegetation, and Antarctic, arctic and alpine ecology.



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  • Bjune, Anne Elisabeth Paleophytogeography. I: Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science. Elsevier 2013 ISBN 978-0-444-53642-6.. pages 730-733

Other publications

  • Battarbee, Richard W.; Lamb, Henry; Bennett, Keith; Edwards, Mary; Bjune, Anne Elisabeth; Kaland, Peter Emil; Berglund, Björn E.; Lotter, André F.; Seppä, Heikki; Willis, Katherine Jane; Herzschuh, Ulrike; Birks, Hilary H John Birks: Pioneer in quantitative palaeoecology. 2015.
  • Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Eldevik, Tor; Bjune, Anne Elisabeth A brief history of climate – the northern seas from the Last Glacial Maximum to global warming. 2015.
  • Eldevik, Tor; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Bjune, Anne Elisabeth; Andersson, Carin; Birks, Harry John Betteley; Dokken, Trond Martin; Drange, Helge; Glessmer, Mirjam Sophia; Li, Camille; Nilsen, Jan Even Øie; Otterå, Odd Helge; Richter, Kristin; Skagseth, Øystein A brief history of climate – the northern seas from the Last Glacial Maximum to global warming. 2015.
  • Bjune, Anne Elisabeth; Willis, Kathy J. It’s all in the detail: a tribute to Hilary Birks and her contributions to palaeoecology. 2014.
  • Ohlson, Mikael; Bjune, Anne Elisabeth; Kasin, Isabella; Wist, Anveig Nordtug Spatial variation in the charcoal pool. 2012.
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