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  • Technology Enhanced Learning
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  • Computer Support for Collaborative Learning
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  • PhD, artificial intelligence and learning



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  • Biel, Carmen; Hesse, Fredrich; Hansen, Cecilie; Wasson, Barbara; Wake, Jo Dugstad; Meissl-Egghard, Gerhilde; Hammermüller, Klaus; Avramides, Katerina; Hunter, Jade; Hillemann, Eva; Kickmeier-rust, Michael; Kossowski, Michael Report on Teacher Design Studies II. European Commission 2014. 56 pages
  • Avramides, Katerina; Hunter, Jade; Clark, Wilma; Hansen, Cecilie; Wasson, Barbara; Kossowski, Michal; Hilemann, Eva Methods and Specification for TISL Components V3. EU Commission, NEXT-TELL Research Report D5.5 2013. 44 pages
  • Johnson, Matthew D.; Bull, Susan; Alotaibi, Mohammad; Byrne, Will; Vatrapu, Ravi; Pantazos, Kostas; Tanveer, Usman; Kocherla, Kiran; Biel, Carmen; Cierniak, Gabrielle; Wasson, Barbara; Hansen, Cecilie; Kickmeier-rust, Michael; Unterbergen, Roland; Kossowski, Michal; Utz, Wilfred; Giorgini, Fabrizio Methods and Specification for the Student Model V3. EU Commission, NEXT-TELL Research Report D4.5 2013. 52 pages
  • Cierniak, Gabrielle; Biel, Carmen; Hansen, Cecilie; Meissl-Egghard, Gerhilde; Hillemann, Eva; Vatrapu, Ravi; Kickmeier-rust, Michael; Hesse, Fredrich; Wasson, Barbara; Reimann, Peter Report on RDS 1, NEXT-TELL Research Report D6.3. European Commission IST-285114 2012. 61 pages
  • Reimann, Peter; Hillemann, Eva; Kickmeier-rust, Michael; Hansen, Cecilie; Wasson, Barbara; Meissl-Egghard, Gerhilde; Hammermüller, Klaus; Utz, Wilfred; Kossowski, Michal Specification of ECAAD Methodology V2, NEXT-TELL Research Report D2.3. European Commission IST-285114 2012. 37 pages
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  • Wake, Jo Dugstad; Nina, Morlandstø; Khoa, Pham; Wasson, Barbara The Learning Analytics Portal: The Development of a National Community Resource for Learning Analytics. 2018.
  • Netteland, Grete; Hansen, Cecilie Johanne Slokvik; Wasson, Barbara Professional Competence Development of future Healthcare Leaders. 2018.
  • Wake, Jo Dugstad; Fredrik, Heimsæter; Edvard, Bjørgen; Wasson, Barbara; Hansen, Cecilie Johanne Slokvik Supporting firefighter training by visualising indoor positioning, motion detection, and time use: A multimodal approach. 2018.
  • Hansen, Cecilie Johanne Slokvik; Wasson, Barbara; Skretting, Hans; Netteland, Grete; Hirnstein, Marina When Learning is High Stake. 2017.
  • Wake, Jo Dugstad; Morlandstø, Nina; Pham, Khoa; Wasson, Barbara The Learning Analytics Portal: The Development of a National Community Resource for Learning Analytics. 2017.
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