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Benedicte Carlsen is a research leader and a research professor. She has a master in social anthropology from the University of Bergen (UoB), and a PhD in health services research from the Faculty of Medicine, UoB. She has extensive experience with cross-disciplinary research, especially within studies of interaction between primary and secondary health care services, consequenses of health reforms, science communication, and implementation of different types of knowledge in professional practice. Carlsen has carried out research into the medical practitioner’s confidence in health authorities and evidence based clinical guidelines, patients’ and practitioners’ views on shared decision making in medical consultations, about implementation of vaccination, as well as researchers’ experiences of interaction with the media. Carlsen has also conducted studies within development of qualitative research methodology, such as qualitative meta-studies and is currently developing systems for communication of findings from such studies for decision makers.



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  • Bjørkdahl, Kristian; Carlsen, Benedicte Pandemic Rhetoric and Public Memory. What People (Don’t) Remember from the 2009 Swine Flu. I: Rhetorical Audience Studies and Reception of Rhetoric. Exploring Audiences Empirically. Palgrave Macmillan 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-61617-9.. pages 261-283
  • Carlsen, Benedicte Why are primary care physicians avoiding rationing decisions and what can be done about it? The case of Norway. I: Decision Making in Medicine and Health Care. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2007 ISBN 1-60021-870-9..


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  • Carlsen, Benedicte Vitenskapsformidling: Holdninger og handlinger i forbindelse med svineinfluensa-utbruddet i 2009. 2017.
  • Carlsen, Benedicte Forskere blir ikke skremt av dårlige erfaringer med medier. 2016.
  • Carlsen, Benedicte Hva kjennetegner en god forskningsrådssøknad. 2015.
  • Carlsen, Benedicte Pårørenderollen i eldreomsorgen. 2015.
  • Carlsen, Benedicte; Monstad, Karin Samhandlingsreformens konsekvenser for eldre: Pasientrettigheter, pårørende og koordinering av tjenester. 2015.
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