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Benjamin is a specialist on terrestrial lidar and photogrammetric data collection and processing, as well as GIS and data management. He joined the VOG group in 2014 after graduating with a BSc degree in geomatics at Newcastle University, UK. Benjamin works primarily on the SAFARI project, responsible for collecting and processing outcrop data into virtual outcrop models. Since he started Benjamin has also worked on his interests connected with improving the workflow used for processing outcrop models, combining laser scanning and SfM data and evaluating new software. He is also registered as the accountable manager for Uni Research as an RPAS operator in Norway


Other publications

  • Buckley, Simon John; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Naumann, Nicole; Kurz, Tobias Herbert LIME: 3D visualisation and interpretation of virtual geoscience models. 2017.
  • Buckley, Simon John; Kurz, Tobias Herbert; Naumann, Nicole; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Kehl, Christian State-of-the-art of digital outcrop mapping: Acquisition, data fusion and co-visualisation across disciplines. 2017.
  • Buckley, Simon John; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Lecomte, Isabelle; Eide, Christian Haug; Anell, Ingrid Margareta; Braathen, Alvar Digital outcrop modelling results and workflows for derived synthetic seismic imaging. 2017.
  • Ringdal, Kari; Naumann, Nicole; Dolva, Benjamin; Buckley, Simon John SAFARI virtual outcrop web viewer v2.0. 2017.
  • Naumann, Nicole; Howell, John Anthony; Maxwell, Gail; Buckley, Simon John; Dolva, Benjamin; Ringdal, Kari SafariDB: Webpage and database management. 2017.
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