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Laboratory and Technical competence:

PCR and Real-time quantitative PCR, RNA extraction, DNase treatment, cDNA synthesis, cryosectioning, cloning, probe synthesis, In Situ hybridisation, recombinant protein purification, ELISA, Na+K+ATPase activity measurements, data analysis and participation in diverse samplings.


Campos, J., Freitas, V., Pedrosa, C., Guillot, R. & Van der Veer, H. W. (2009). Latitudinal variation in growth of Crangon crangon (L.): Does counter-gradient growth compensation occur? Journal of Sea Research, 62, 229-237.

Campos J., Pedrosa C., Rodrigues J., Santos S., Witte J., H. van der Veer, (2009). Population zoogeography of the brown shrimp Crangon crangon L. along its distributional range based on morphometric characters. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 89: 499-507.



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