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Egil Kjerstad is a Social Scientist with a doctoral degree in Economics from University of Bergen in 2002. Kjerstad is Research Professor and has worked at UNI Research Rokkan Centre since 2011. One of his main research interests is the effects of new economic incentives introduced in the public sector, in particular the health care sector. Kjerstad´s research interest more generally is public sector reforms, the motivation underlying such reforms and the evaluation of the effects using quantitative methods and cost-benefit analysis. In addition, he has also participated in several studies combining qualitative and quantitative research methods.



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  • Tuntland, Hanne; Kjeken, Ingvild; Førland, Oddvar; Langeland, Eva; Aaslund, Mona Kristin; Espehaug, Birgitte; Folkestad, Bjarte; Aas, Eline; Kjerstad, Egil; Jacobsen, Frode F. Hverdagsrehabilitering - forskningsresultater fra to norske studier. 2017.
  • Kjerstad, Egil Hverdagsrehabilitering i Voss kommune: Resultatene fra den økonomiske evalueringen. 2016.
  • Kjerstad, Egil Hverdagsrehabilitering i Voss kommune - resultatene fra en økonomisk evaluering. 2016.
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