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Gro Marit Grimsrud holds a PhD in human geography from the University of Bergen, and has worked as a senior research officer at Uni Reseach, Stein Rokkan centre for social studies since 2015. Grimsrud is an experienced researcher with more than 25 years of service for Norwegian research institutions and universities. Her research interests include centre-periphery relations, internal and international migration, demography, labour marked, urban and rural development and gender studies.



  • Båtevik, Finn Ove; Grimsrud, Gro Marit; Nesse, Jon Gunnar; Nilsen, Etty; Yttredal, Else Ragni; Årethun, Torbjørn Kampen om kompetanse – innovasjon og rekrutteringsutfordingar i regionalt perspektiv. Plan : Tidsskrift for samfunnsplanlegging, byplan og regional utvikling 2014 (6). s. 10-16

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  • Grimsrud, Gro Marit Frå by til bygd på ny?. 2017.
  • Båtevik, Finn Ove; Grimsrud, Gro Marit Skilled and unskilled labour immigration to Western Norway. Rural drain and urban gain?. 2016.
  • Grimsrud, Gro Marit What’s in it for the rural? Repercussions of marketing the rural as idyll. 2016.
  • Grimsrud, Gro Marit Temporarily settled in a sedentary rural. A story of love and betrayal. 2016.
  • Grimsrud, Gro Marit Rural development in Norway - the role of regional policy and decentralised welfare services. 2016.
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