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Dr Scientiarium Informatics/Applied Mathematics University of Bergen,  Mechanical Engineering NTNU

Scientific interests: fluid dynamics, numerical methods, parallel computing, visualization

Recent projects: CO2BASE, ECO2, AUS Fjords,



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  • Berntsen, Jarle; Alendal, Guttorm; Avlesen, Helge; Thiem, Øyvind Alexander Numerical investigations of dense water cascading on a slope - the role of the bottom boundary layer. I: MekIT’17 - Ninth national conference on Computational Mechanics. International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) 2017 ISBN 978-84-947311-1-2.. pages 57-69


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  • Gundersen, Kristian; Oleynik, Anna; Alendal, Guttorm; Berntsen, Jarle; Avlesen, Helge; Skaug, Hans J. Model Reduction for Tracer Transport and Applications. 2018.
  • Oleynik, Anna; Gundersen, Kristian; Alendal, Guttorm; Blaser, Nello; Skaug, Hans J.; Avlesen, Helge; Berntsen, Jarle; Blackford, Jeremy Mathematical methods for detection and localization of CO2 leaks. 2018.
  • Alendal, Guttorm; Avlesen, Helge; Garcia-Ibanez, Maribel I; Gundersen, Kristian; Oleynik, Anna Combining Environmental Statistics and Marine Process Modelling to Design Monitoring Programs for Offshore CO2 Storage. 2018.
  • Gundersen, Kristian; Alendal, Guttorm; Skaug, Hans J.; Avlesen, Helge; Blackford, Jeremy; Chen, Baixin; Dewar, Marius; Berntsen, Jarle Assessment of machine learning methods as a tool in detecting leakages. 2017.
  • Alendal, Guttorm; Blackford, Jeremy; Chen, Baixin; Avlesen, Helge; Omar, Abdirahman; Berntsen, Jarle; Skaug, Hans J.; Frøysa, Håvard G; Gundersen, Kristian Bayes’ theorem as the fundament to design monitoring programs.. 2017.
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