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Ingrid Lundeberg is is a law & society scholar (Phd) from University of Bergen, Norway, and she has participated at the UC Berkeley Law School’s Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP) Phd Program, Berkeley, University of California and is graduated from The academy of the art of writing. Currently she holds a position as a senior researcher at the Uni Research Rokkan center and as an editor in chief of the Norwegian Journal of Welfare Research. Lundeberg has been involved in several large research projects on topics, such as expert knowledge, front-line service providers discretion, welfare rights, legal activism in the courts, drug use, drug policy, coercive treatment of drug users, punishment, prisons, offender rehabilitation (inside and outside prisons), desistance from crime and criminal justice. She had a position as project leader of the first national evaluation of the provisions in the Social Services Act warranting compulsory care for drug users. During her position as a Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Bergen, she studied rehabilitating measures and programs in the Correctional Services, prison conditions, re-entry work and life after prison. In her latest research project, she has studied the consequences of a new policy initiative that aims at reducing and preventing open drug scenes in the city of Bergen. This new policy initiative involves a close cooperation and coordination between the municipality, the police, and the local social and health care services. She has achieved extensive knowledge on current policies and measures in substance use treatment. Her competence in research methods is comprehensive and includes ethnographic fieldwork with marginalized groups, qualitative interviews with drug users, prisoners, professionals, practitioners and other key stakeholders, observation at coordination meetings between key stakeholders, surveys administered to drug users in different settings (open drug scenes, prisons) and analysis of various policy documents and statistical material.



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