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My research interests lie in integrated use of quantitative (qPCR) and qualitative (NGS) molecular methods for investigation of micro- and meso-scale trophic interactions in pelagic and coastal marine environments. My current research activity includes basic and applied research projects that utilize a variety of molecular tools to characterize and quantify (1) trophic interactions between marine viruses and zooplankton, (2) changes in marine sediment biological diversity as an indicator of impacts from offshore petroleum activity and (3) development and application of ancient sedimentary DNA (sedaDNA) in marine sediments as a new proxy for past sea ice reconstructions in the Arctic. My previous research has focused on  phytoplankton-virus interaskjons with emphasis on the molecular mechanisms that contribute to the development of immunity to virus in phytoplankton. I am experienced with design, set-up, coordination and imlementation of laboratory and field-scale experiments, including seawater mesocosms and research cruises.




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  • Nordgård, Lise; Bjørsvik, Magnus; TØmmerÅs, berit; Venter, Hermoine; Olsen, Elisabeth; Ray, Jessica Louise; Nielsen, Kaare Magne Antimicrobial resistance in selected environments in Norway M-736/2017. Genøk-Senter for biosikkerhet 2017. 43 pages

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  • Ray, Jessica Louise; Troedsson, Christofer; Simonelli, Paolo; Skaar, Katrine Sandnes Quantitative PCR and pyrosequencing of micro-eukaryote SSU amplicons reveal relative importance of Phaeocystis pouchetii in the diet of Calanus sp. (Maxillopoda:Calanoida) in coastal and pelagic ecosystems. 2014.
  • Ray, Jessica Louise; Larsen, Aud; Troedsson, Christofer; Thompson, Eric; Lanzén, Anders; Lekang, Katrine; Allan, Bridie Jean Marie; Jonassen, Inge; Hadziavdic, Kenan; Simonelli, Paolo; Nejstgaard, Jens Christian; Dahlgren, Thomas Gunnar; De Schepper, Stijn; Sazhin, Andrey; Jakobsen, Hans Henrik; Sadatzki, Henrik; Stenevik, Erling Kåre Ongoing activities with eDNA as a monitoring tool in high-latitude marine ecosystems. 2018.
  • Ray, Jessica Louise; De Schepper, Stijn; Strømsøe, Jørund Raukleiv; Sadatzki, Henrik; Skaar, Katrine Sandnes; Larsen, Aud; Ijaz, Umer Z. Late Quaternary sea ice reconstructions in the Greenland Sea using sedimentary ancient DNA. 2018.
  • Ray, Jessica Louise; Skaar, Katrine Sandnes; Sadatzki, Henrik; Larsen, Aud; Troedsson, Christofer; De Schepper, Stijn Sea Ice Reconstructions Using Ancient DNA. 2018.
  • De Schepper, Stijn; Sadatzki, Henrik; Ray, Jessica Louise; Skaar, Katrine Sandnes; Strømsøe, Jørund Raukleiv; Troedsson, Christofer Exploring environmental ancient DNA as sea ice proxy. 2018.
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