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My research interests lie in integrated use of quantitative (qPCR) and qualitative (NGS) molecular methods for investigation of micro- and meso-scale trophic interactions in pelagic and coastal marine environments. In freshwater environments, I am interested in environmental gradients and how these affect biodiversity and ecosystem health. I am also interested in phytoplankton-virus interaskjons, namely the molecular mechanisms that contribute to the development of immunity to virus in phytoplankton. I am experience in design, set-up and imlementation of laboratory and field-scale experiments, including seawater mesocosms and research cruises.



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  • Nordgård, Lise; Bjørsvik, Magnus; TØmmerÅs, berit; Venter, Hermoine; Olsen, Elisabeth; Ray, Jessica Louise; Nielsen, Kaare Magne Antimicrobial resistance in selected environments in Norway M-736/2017. Genøk-Senter for biosikkerhet 2017. 43 pages

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