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  • care at the end of life
  • nursing home medicine

Medical degree from the University of Bergen (2005), specialist in general medicine (2014), Ph.D. fellow.

After internship in Trondheim, he worked as a fulltime nursing homes doctor at Løvåsen nursing home in Bergen between 2007-2009, then from 2009 as a G.P. in Samnanger, with a part-time position at Samnangerheimen nursing home. He held a one-year temporary position as Public health physician in Samnanger between 2013-2014. Researcher in 50% position at Uni Research Health since 2012, with the Ph.D project "End of life in nursing homes - doctors challenges, prescriptions and measures". Sits in the course committee for the Nursing home and elderly medicine course in Bergen since 2012, and is a research associate in the SELFIE EU project.

Research interest areas include elderly medicine, nursing home medicine, end of life care, and professional existential challenges.




Other publications

  • Jansen, Kristian; Haugen, Dagny Faksvåg; Pont, Lisa; Ruths, Sabine Evidence base for palliative drug treatment in the last days of life – a systematic review. 2016.
  • Jansen, Kristian; Schaufel, Margrethe Aase; Ruths, Sabine Palliative drug treatment in life last days – prevalence and evidence base.. 2016.
  • Jansen, Kristian; Ruths, Sabine; Malterud, Kirsti; Schaufel, Margrethe Aase Doctors working with dying nursing home patients meet their own existential vulnerability.. 2016.
  • Jansen, Kristian; Fosse, Anette; Iden, Kristina Riis; Aase, Margrethe; Ruths, Sabine Vil beholde LCP for døende. 2015.
  • Fosse, Anette; Austad, Bjarne; Eid, John-Tore; Bell, Hege Therese; Brænd, Anja Maria Lyche; Fidjeland, Heidi Lidal; Vallersnes, Odd Martin; Vik, Ingvild; Gullbrå, Frøydis; Jansen, Kristian; Schei, Edvin; Simonsen, Kristian Anton; Laue, Johanna; Sandvik, Reidun Karin Primærhelsetjenesten - fremtidens forskningsfront. 2013.
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