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Kristian Mjåland is a sociologist with a Master’s degree from the University of Bergen 2008, and he has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Bergen in 2015. Mjåland has worked at Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies since 2008, first as a research assistant, then as a PhD-candidate, and now as a Senior Research Associate. His PhD was an ethnographic analysis of drug use and drug rehabilitation in a Norwegian prison. Mjålands research interests are mainly concerned with drugs, coercive treatment and prisons. He is primarily a qualitative researcher, but he has considerable experience in administering and analyzing surveys. Theoretically, his research explores issues such as penal power, resistance, punishment, legitimacy and procedural justice. As of 2016, Mjåland holds a part-time Senior Research Associate post at the University of Cambridge, where is working on a comparative research project on penal policy and prisoner experiences.       



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  • Münchow, Otto von; Mjåland, Kristian Demotiverende rusrehabilitering i fengsel. 2016.
  • Lundeberg, Ingrid Rindal; Mjåland, Kristian Åpne russcener i Bergen etter stengningen av Nygårdsparken: En studie av strategi, tiltak og brukererfaringer. 2017.
  • Mjåland, Kristian; Laursen, Julie Seksuallovbruddsdømtes fengselserfaringer - en etnografisk studie. 2017.
  • Lundeberg, Ingrid Rindal; Mjåland, Kristian Livet etter Parken https://vimeo.com/218144893, http://www.uib.no/file/livet-etter-parken. 2017.
  • Lundeberg, Ingrid Rindal; Mjåland, Kristian Livet etter parken er ikke bedre for de mest utsatte. 2017.
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