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Kristina Riis Iden graduated with a medical degree from the University of Bergen (1989). She completed her internship at the hospital in Lærdal and a Family Medicine Clinic in Bergen. She has worked in psychiatric hospital, in nursing homes and she has worked as a general practitioner for several years. The speciality in family medicine was acquired in 2001.  In 2015 she defended her Ph.D. degree in with the thesis: "Depression in nursing homes. Under diagnostics and overtreatment. "

She is currently a senior researcher at the Research Unit for General Practice with the project  "Implementing routines for assessing depression in nursing home patients."
Her research interests include nursing home medicine, overtreatment, and implementation research.




Other publications

  • Iden, Kristina Riis; Aamland, Aase; Malterud, Kirsti Promoting awareness of depression diagnosis in nursing homes; implementation research in the real world. 2017.
  • Iden, Kristina Riis; Aamland, Aase; Malterud, Kirsti Implementation research in GP - an example. Introducing a tool for systematic assessment of depression in nursing home patients. 2016.
  • Iden, Kristina Riis; Ruths, Sabine; Hjørleifsson, Stefan Sadness as perceived by nursing home patients. 2016.
  • Jansen, Kristian; Fosse, Anette; Iden, Kristina Riis; Aase, Margrethe; Ruths, Sabine Vil beholde LCP for døende. 2015.
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