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Mathew has a PhD i Meteorology from the University in Bergen. He mainly researches climate in Bangladesh and works closely with social scientists and also the local communities in the northeast region of the country. Mathew is also interested in science communication and founded the SciSnack community in Bergen in 2012. 



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  • Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander; Naznin, Zakia; Blanchard, Anne; Bremer, Scott Climate research, citizen science and art in Bangladesh. 2017.
  • Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander Valestrand-elever deltar i unikt klimaprosjekt. 2017.
  • Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander Vellykket klimaprosjekt. 2017.
  • Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander; Stephenson,, David; Spengler, Thomas New Tools for Comparing Beliefs about the Timing of Recurrent Events with Climate Time Series Datasets. 2017.
  • Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander Possible impacts of the pre-monsoon dry line and sea breeze front on nocturnal rainfall over northeast Bangladesh. 2017.
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