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Milfrid Tonheim has an M.Phil. degree in Administration and Organization Theory and a Dr.Philos. degree from the Department of Health Promotion and Development, both at the University of Bergen (UiB). Her M.Phil. thesis was based on an empirical analysis of the political HIV/Aids debate in the South African parliament, and her Dr.Philos dissertation was a study of the reintegration of former girl soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, entitled A troublesome transition: Social reintegration of girl soldiers returning ‘home’. Tonheim has worked as a researcher first at the Centre for Intercultural Communication (2008-2014) and later at the University of Bergen (2015-2017). Her research has to a large extent focused on children and youth who have been exposed to war, violence, abuse and neglect. Her research focus over the last few years has mainly been related to child welfare/protection, and she has, in addition to her position as research at Uni Research Rokkan, a 20% position as university lecturer at the Master program in Child Welfare at the Department of Health Promotion and Development, UiB.

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