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Nicole Naumann has a background in geoecology (specialising in remote sensing and GIS) and did her doctoral degree (Dr.rer.nat.) on hyperspectral remote sensing technologies and soil research at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam and the Humboldt-University of Berlin (Germany). She joined the VOG Group in June 2009, and is coordinating the SAFARI JIP Project. Her main research work at present includes the design, configuration and maintenance of the SAFARI database, the development of standards for outcrop nomenclature and modern depositional system, extensive data upload and improvement the SafariDB.com web pages. As SAFARI project coordinator, Nicole acts as main contact for sponsors and database uses (general user support) and is responsible for the organisation of meetings and workshops.
Nicole considers herself as an interdisciplinary researcher, who has the ability to communicate her skills and expertise in different research fields, and collaborate with others of various scientific backgrounds



Other publications

  • Buckley, Simon John; Ringdal, Kari; Tong, Bowei; Dolva, Benjamin; Naumann, Nicole; Kurz, Tobias Herbert Combined visualisation of 3D outcrop and related geoscientific data using LIME. 2018.
  • Kurz, Tobias Herbert; Dewez, Thomas J.B.; Naumann, Nicole; Buckley, Simon John; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Lahondère, Didier; Cagnard, Florence; Haas, Hubert; Wille, Guillaume; Naumann, Marcel Mapping naturally occurring asbestos using combined spectral–geometric approaches. 2018.
  • Naumann, Nicole; Howell, John Anthony; Buckley, Simon John; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Maxwell, Gail; Chmielewska, Magda New ways of sharing outcrop data: the SAFARI database and 3D web viewer. 2018.
  • Buckley, Simon John; Naumann, Nicole; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Tong, Bowei; Vanbiervliet, Joris; Kurz, Tobias Herbert; Howell, John Anthony Enhanced excursions: How virtual field trips complement existing geoscience field activities. 2018.
  • Dewez, Thomas J.B.; Lahondère, Didier; Cagnard, Florence; Haas, Hubert; Wille, Guillaume; Buckley, Simon John; Kurz, Tobias Herbert; Naumann, Nicole; Dolva, Benjamin; Ringdal, Kari; Naumann, Marcel Naturally Occurring Asbestos sampling strategy as an example of photogrammetric, structural and spectral digital outcrop integrated analysis. 2018.
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