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Nina Paarup Michelsen is a social scientist with a MSc in ESST from The University of Oslo 2007. She is currently working on her PhD within the field of Administration and Organizational Theory at The University in Bergen, Norway. Nina has been working at the Uni Research Rokkan Centre since 2014, and is a part of the research project: Lost in Translation; Govenance, Management and Organization of Policy Programs to Improve Completion of Upper Secondary School. Her primary field of research is educational policy.


Other publications

  • Michelsen, Nina Paarup Implementing National Efforts: Increasing the Completion Rate of Upper Secondary School in Norway. 2018.
  • Michelsen, Nina Paarup; Homme, Anne, Dåsvatn Changing Tack, Piloting Pupils: How Organizational Foundation Impact Local Adaptation of National Efforts1. 2018.
  • Michelsen, Nina Paarup Interorganizational Relationships in Public Administration- A Utopien Conquest?. 2017.
  • Michelsen, Nina Paarup Changing Tack - Piloting Pupils: A Qualitative Case Study of Two Governmental Efforts Towards Increasing the Completion Rate of Upper Secondary School. 2017.
  • Michelsen, Nina Paarup Policies gone wild? Setting the educational policy agenda in Norway. 2016.
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