• Skauge, Tormod; Ormehaug, Per Arne; Solbakken, Jonas; Vik, Bartek Florczyk; Shaker Shiran, Behruz; Skauge, Arne POLYMER INJECTIVITY – PHASE II. Uni Research CIPR 2015. 112 pages

Other publications

  • Skauge, Tormod; Skauge, Arne; Salmo, Iselin Cecilie; Ormehaug, Per Arne; AL-Azri, Nasser; Wassing, Bart; Glasbergen, L.M.; Van Wunnik, John; Masalmeh, Shehadeh Radial and Linear Polymer Flow - Influence on Injectivity. 2016.
  • Fabbri, C; de Loubens, R; Skauge, Arne; Ormehaug, Per Arne; Vik, Bartek Florczyk; Bourgeois, M; Morel, D; Hamon, G. Comparison of History-Matched Water Flood, Tertiary Polymer Flood Relative Permeabilities and Evidence of Hysteresis During Tertiary Polymer Flood in Very Viscous Oils. 2015.
  • Solbakken, Jonas; Aarra, Morten Gunnar; Ormehaug, Per Arne; Skauge, Arne CO2-foam. 2012.
  • Solbakken, Jonas; Skauge, Arne; Ormehaug, Per Arne; Aarra, Morten Gunnar Properties of CO2-Foam as a Function of Pressure. 2011.
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