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Sevil Sümer is a sociologist. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Bergen with the dissertation “Global Issues/Local Troubles: A Comparative Study of Turkish and Norwegian Urban Dual-Earner Couples” (2002) which explored the relationships among gender relations, family practices and state policies. Sümer has been a postdoctoral research fellow in the EU FP5-funded project Transitions: Gender, Parenthood and the Changing European Workplace (2003-2006). In 2009, she published the book European Gender Regimes and Policies: Comparative Perspectives (Ashgate). In the period 2008-2011, she has been the Scientific Coordinator of the EU FP6 project FEMCIT: Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: the impact of contemporary women’s movements. Sümer is co-editor of the Palgrave book series Citizenship, Gender and Diversity (together with B. Halsaa & S. Roseneil) which is initiated by the FEMCIT-project. Sümer has been a member of the Gender Equality Commission of the Norwegian Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion (Likestillingsutvalget) 2010-2012 and is now a member of the Committee for Gender Balance in Research (Kif-Komite). Her current project examines gender imbalance at top academic positions at the research and higher education institutions in Bergen and is financed by the Norwegian Research Council (BALANSE). Her research interests include gender, labour market, citizenship, ethnicity, work-family, care, welfare state, welfare regimes, social policy, family policy, feminist theory and comparative sociology.




  • Halsaa, Beatrice; Roseneil, Sasha; Sümer, Sevil Remaking Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: Women's Movements, Gender and Diversity. Palgrave Macmillan 2012 ISBN 978-0-230-27628-4. 266 pages.
  • Sümer, Sevil European Gender Regimes and Policies: Comparative Perspectives. Ashgate 2009 ISBN 978-0-7546-7086-5. 143 pages.

Book chapters


  • Sümer, Sevil Difference as Resource? A Pilot Study on Diversity at Uni Research. Komite for Kjønnsbalanse og Mangfold i Forskning 2017. 15 pages
  • Sümer, Sevil; Brandser, Gry Cathrin Farefull ferd mot toppen: Kjønnsbalanse i forskning og forskningsledelse ved forsknings- og utdanninginstitusjoner i Bergen. Uni Research Rokkansenteret 2016. (ISBN 978-82-8095-106-9) 131 pages
  • Sümer, Sevil; Halsaa, Beatrice; Roseneil, Sasha Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: the impact of contemporary women's movements (FEMCIT Final Report). European Commission 2011. 128 pages
  • Halsaa, Beatrice; Roseneil, Sasha; Sümer, Sevil FEMCIT - Year 4 Periodic Annual Report to the EU Commission. Uni Rokkansentret 2011. 89 pages
  • Sümer, Sevil FEMCIT Policy Document. European Commission 2010. 34 pages

Other publications

  • Sümer, Sevil Karriereutvikling for kvinnelige kandidater. 2017.
  • Brandser, Gry; Sümer, Sevil Kjønnsbalanse i akademia – med blikk for brytninger og nye muligheter.. 2017.
  • Brandser, Gry; Sümer, Sevil Gendered Academic hierarchies and stereotypes in a changing Academia. 2017.
  • Sümer, Sevil Bad News on Gender in Academia. 2017.
  • Brandser, Gry Cathrin; Sümer, Sevil Gender Balance in the Prestige Economy. 2017.
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