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  • Sick leave – the impact of work on physical and mental health
  • Occupational rehabilitation – effect evaluations of large interventions
  • Chronic pain – risk factors and treatments
  • Pain psychology – the role of psychological factors in chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue – risk factors and treatments
  • Psychology of religion – psychology professions attitudes towards religious belief


2016 →       Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo

2013 →       Clinical psychologist, Department of Pain Management and Research, OUS

2012-2015  Lecturer and Visiting Scientist at Harvard School of public Health

2012-2015  Co-head of research group, Uni Research Health, Bergen

2010-2012  Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University

2011-2013  Trainee: Work Disability Prevention Program, University of Toronto

2009-2013  Visiting research fellow, King’s College London, UK

2007-2010  PhD, Faculty of psychology, University of Bergen

2001-2006  Cand. Psychol, Faculty of psychology, University of Bergen



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  • Reme, Silje Endresen Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness. Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2012 ISBN 978-1-4614-4838-9. 576 pages.

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  • Reme, Silje; Monstad, Karin; Fyhn, Tonje; Øverland, Simon Nygaard; Ludvigsen, Kari; Sveinsdottir, Vigdis; Løvvik, Camilla; Lie, Stein Atle Effektevaluering av Individuell jobbstøtte (IPS): Sluttrapport. Uni Research 2016. 109 pages
  • Øverland, Simon Nygaard; Grasdal, Astrid; Reme, Silje Endresen Are trial participant's representative for People atending routine practice? A secondary analysis from the AWaC multicenter RCT.. Working paper, Institutt for økonomi, Universitetet i Bergen. 2015. 10 pages
  • Løvvik, Camilla; Reme, Silje Endresen Common mental disorders and work participation - the role of return-to-work expectations. Universitetet i Bergen 2015. (ISBN 978-82-308-3478-7)
  • Reme, Silje Endresen; Olsen, Ingrid Blø; Ludvigsen, Kari Effektevaluering av individuell jobbstøtte. Delrapport 3 desember 2015. Uni Research 2015. 45 pages
  • Grasdal, Astrid; Reme, Silje Endresen; Øverland, Simon Nygaard; Lie, Stein Atle; Løvik, Camilla The effectiveness of a work-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and individual job support on work participation for common mental disorders: randomized controlled multicenter trial. Working paper. Working paper, Gruppe for trygdeøkonomi, Universitetet i Bergen 2014. 20 pages
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