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Simon Buckley hails from the UK, and studied geomatics at Newcastle University, both as an undergraduate and postgraduate. After completing his PhD in coastal erosion monitoring in 2003, he stuck with the Newcastle theme and worked as a postdoc at the University of Newcastle, Australia, combining aerial laser scanning and photogrammetric terrain data. He leads the virtual outcrop activities, and is responsible for all things spatially related. Principally this has been the development of workflows for using geomatics methods in outcrop geology and the geosciences. Despite being a non-geologist, he has picked up enough knowledge from a host of excellent field geologists to occasionally go undercover. Simon’s broad research interest is improving the contribution and uptake of geomatics in geoscience applications, through developments in methods, workflows and visualisation. This has culminated in development of LIME, as a lightweight tool for interpretation and advanced graphical presentation of 3D environments, as well as novel data fusions for showcasing 3D geoscience data. In 2016, Simon and the VOG Group convened the 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference. He is also International Editorial Board Coordinator of The Photogrammetric Record.



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  • Kurz, Tobias Herbert; Buckley, Simon John; Becker, Jens K. Hyperspectral imaging: a novel geological mapping technique for subsurface construction sites. I: Proceedings of the ITA World Tunnel Congress 2017. NFF - Norwegian Tunnelling Society 2017 ISBN 978-82-92641-40-8..
  • Kroehnert, Melanie; Kehl, Christian; Litschke, Herbert; Buckley, Simon John Image-to-Geometry Registration on Mobile Devices - Concepts, Challenges and Applications. I: 3D-NordOst 2017 Tagungsband. Berlin: Gesellschaft zur Foerderung angewandter Informatik 2017 ISBN 978-3-942709-17-0.. pages 99-108
  • Kehl, Christian; Mullins, James Robert; Buckley, Simon John; Gawthorpe, Robert; Howell, John Anthony; Viola, Ivan; Viseur, Sophie Geological Registration and Interpretation Toolbox (GRIT): A visual and interactive approach for geological interpretation in the field. I: 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference, Proceedings Volume. Bergen: Uni Research AS 2016 ISBN 978-82-8361-004-8.. pages 59-60
  • Nyberg, Björn; Eide, Christian Haug; Buckley, Simon John; Howell, John Anthony Advances in the automated geometric extraction and analysis of geological bodies from virtual outcrops. I: 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference, Proceedings Volume. Bergen: Uni Research AS 2016 ISBN 978-82-8361-004-8.. pages 67-68
  • Zahiri, Zohreh; Laefer, Debra; Kurz, Tobias Herbert; Buckley, Simon John Distinguishing facade material change using close-range hyperspectral imaging. I: 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference, Proceedings Volume. Bergen: Uni Research AS 2016 ISBN 978-82-8361-004-8.. pages 78-79
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  • Buckley, Simon John Interpretation and visualisation of 3D models in geoscience using LIME. 2017.
  • Buckley, Simon John; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Naumann, Nicole; Kurz, Tobias Herbert LIME: 3D visualisation and interpretation of virtual geoscience models. 2017.
  • Mullins, James Robert; Howell, John Anthony; van der Vegt, Helena; Buckley, Simon John; Storms, JEA Evaluating the Application of Process-based Models as Training Images for Multiple Point Statistics. 2017.
  • Buckley, Simon John; Kurz, Tobias Herbert; Naumann, Nicole; Ringdal, Kari; Dolva, Benjamin; Kehl, Christian State-of-the-art of digital outcrop mapping: Acquisition, data fusion and co-visualisation across disciplines. 2017.
  • Buckley, Simon John Geomatics in Earth Science. 2017.
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