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2007 Ph.D. from the University of Bergen, Institute of Biology. PhD thesis “Molecular and endocrine aspects of hypo-osmoregulatory development in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.),” ISBN 978-82-308-0456-8.

2002 Cand. Cient., University of Bergen, Institute of fishery and marine biology.

1999 Aquaculture candidate from Høyskolen in Sogndal.



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  • Nilsen, Tom Ole; Kraugerud, Reidun Lilleholt International collaboration gives better fish farming. 2017.
  • Nilsen, Tom Ole Internasjonalt samarbeid om lukkede anlegg. 2017.
  • Balseiro Vigo, Pablo; Moe, Øyvind; Gamlem, Ingrid; Shimizu, Munetaka; Sveier, Harald; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Ebbesson, Lars O.E.; Pedrosa, Cindy; Tronci, Valentina; Nylund, Are; Handeland, Sigurd O Muscle development and heart condition in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) post-­smolts reared in Preline S-CCS. 2017.
  • Good, Christopher; Summerfelt, S.; May, T.; Crouse, C.; Ebbesson, Lars O.E.; Handeland, Sigurd O; Stefansson, Sigurd Olav; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Terjesen, B.F.; Mathisen, F. The effects of photoperiod on Atlantic salmon post-smolt in freshwater closed-containment systems. 2017.
  • Nilsen, Tom Ole; Nodland, Elisabeth – Forskning på laksens behov er nøkkelen til bærekraftig lakseoppdrett i lukkede oppdrettsanlegg. 2017.
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