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  • Alcohol and health
  • Prevention of life style related health problems
  • Alcohol related health problems in older adults
  • Alcohol related health problems in general practice and somatic hospital wards

MD, PhD, specialist in family medicine

Torgeir Gilje Lid graduated from the University of Oslo in 1991. After internship in Kristiansund hospital and the municipality of Tingvoll, he worked in the outpatient emergency clinic of Stavanger in 1993-91, partly as administrator. After serving as military physician in 1995 he has been a general practitioner (GP) in Stavanger to this day. Besides his clinical practice he has worked with community medicine in Stavanger, and later as physician in an ACT-team. From 2009 he has done part time research on alcohol related health problems in general practice. He specialized in community medicine in 1998 and works part time as GP at Nytorget legesenter in Stavanger.

He defended his thesis in 2016. His dissertation was called: «Addressing alcohol in general practice». From February 1st 2017 he is working part time as postdoctor at Stavanger University Hospital on a project called: «A multi-centre registry study on patient trajectories after interventions for alcohol-related health problems in somatic hospital wards, for people in late adulthood (60+).»

Torgeir Gilje Lid is chair of the Network Group for Addiction medicine of the Norwegian College of General Practice. He has participated in several working groups in the Health Directorate on alcohol, drugs and addiction medicine, and he is a certified tutor in general practice. His research interests include alcohol related health problems in broader terms, life style and health, and quality development and collaboration in GP surgeries.



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  • Torgeir Gilje Lid Pasienter med rus og avhengighetsproblemer. Allmennmedisin 2013.
  • Torgeir Gilje Lid Snakk med fastlegen om alkohol!. Rus og Samfunn, nr. 4 2013.
  • Torgeir Gilje Lid Oppdagelse og behandling av alkoholproblemer i allmennpraksis. BestPractice Psykiatri/Nevrologi/Geriatri. Nr. 8 2013.


  • Lid, Torgeir Gilje; Meland, Eivind; Malterud, Kirsti Addressing alcohol in general practice. Universitetet i Bergen 2016. (ISBN 978-82-308-3292-9)

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  • Torgeir Gilje Lid Helt normalt å spørre om alkohol!. 2018.
  • Lid, Torgeir Gilje Alkoholrelaterte helseproblemer i somatiske sykehusavdelinger. 2017.
  • Lid, Torgeir Gilje Helt normalt å spørre om alkohol!. 2017.
  • Lid, Torgeir Gilje ‘Korte intervensjoner’. 2016.
  • Lid, Torgeir Gilje ‘Alkoholrelaterte helseproblemer – hos fastlegen’ og ‘Erkjennelse og endring - alkoholrelaterte helseproblemer hos eldre’. 2016.
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