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Research field:
Marine environmental conditions and anthropogenic impact on coastal- and fjord water bodies.
Fish health and fish diseases.  Study of environmental factors and reservoirs of fish pathogens that can explain patterns of infections and increase risk for disease outbreaks in fish farms (epizootiology).


Marine ecology and surveys. Hydrological measurements and analyses.
Methods for detection and identification of fish pathogens (microscopic and molecular).
Certified aqua medicine biologist (authorization DHPR-no: 50065; Norwegian Food Safety Authority).
Felasa C and LAS (Laboratory Animal Science).



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  • Isaksen, Trond Einar; Johansen, Per-Otto; Bye-Ingebrigtsen, Einar; Cornell, Anne S.; Vikingstad, Erik; Rye Jakobsen, Henrik Marin miljøtilstand i fjordsystema kring Bergen. 2018.
  • Isaksen, Trond Einar; Bye-Ingebrigtsen, Einar Marin miljøtilstand i fjordsystema kring Bergen. 2017.
  • Isaksen, Trond Einar Har havbruk bidratt til langvarige endringer av miljøtilstander i fjordsystemene omkring Bergen?. 2016.
  • Isaksen, Trond Einar Havbruk - Miljø interaksjoner (villfisk og marine økosystemer). 2016.
  • Isaksen, Trond Einar Havbruk i planområdet Sunnhordland og ytre Hardanger. Status 2014 – Miljøpåverknad og sjukdom. 2015.
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