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Trond Mannseth’s current research area is inverse problems within the geosciences, particularly method development and assessment for reservoir history matching and geophysical monitoring of fluid flows in the subsurface. His current  focus is on ensemble-based methods, multi-level methods, and advanced parameterization methods. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Bergen (1986).



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  • Mannseth, Trond; Kristian, Fossum Assimilating Spatially Dense Data for Subsurface Applications - Balancing Information and Degrees of Freedom. 2017.
  • Mannseth, Trond; Fossum, Kristian; Stordal, Andreas S. Generic approaches to reducing data-assimilation Monte-Carlo error for subsurface applications. 2017.
  • Fossum, Kristian; Mannseth, Trond; Stordal, Andreas S. Multi-level ensemble based data assimilation. 2017.
  • Soldal, Magnus; Sauvin, Guillaume; Park, Joonsang; Mannseth, Trond; Tveit, Svenn; Agersborg, Remy; Aagaard, Per; Mondol, Nazmul Haque Geophysical monitoring for offshore CO2 storage combined with rock physics lab data(based on SUCCESS WP3 final report Geophysics). 2017.
  • Mannseth, Trond; Fossum, Kristian; Oliver, Dean Seismic data spatial richness: challenges and solution alternatives for ensemble-based history matching. 2016.
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