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Molecular biology:

  • Experience on  DNA and RNA extraction from different tissues, cDNA synthesis, cloning, probe making methodologies (cRNA) as well as PCR.   
  • Experience on gene quantification using Real Time qPCR and genes distribution using In Situ Hybridisation (ISH) methodology, DAB and fluorescence Immunohistochemistry. 
  • Laser micro dissection: advanced tool to isolate and capture of specific cells for gene expression.
  • DNA analysis by micro-satellite mapping techniques.                                      
  • Measurement of  circulating hormone level using  ELISAs.

Histology: Experience on  preparation of histological samples (sampling, fixation, embedding, cryosectioning)

Cellular Biology: organ culture of fish gills, total RNA extraction from cells

Instruments: FAST- prep FP 120, BIO 101 Thermo Savant, Cryostat Leica CM 3050S Agilent 2100 Bio analyzer, InsituPro,  nanodrop 1000ND Spectrophotometer.

Selected publications:

Grassie, Cairsty; Braithwaite, Victoria Anne; Nilsson, Jonatan; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Teien, Hans-Christian; Handeland, Sigurd Olav; Stefansson, Sigurd Olav; Tronci, Valentina; Gorissen, Marnix; Flik, Gert; Ebbesson, Lars O.E. Aluminum exposure impacts brain plasticity and behavior in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Journal of Experimental Biology 2013 ;Volum 216.(16) s. 3148-3155

Ebbesson, Lars O.E.; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Helvik, Jon Vidar; Tronci, Valentina; Stefansson, Sigurd Olav. Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Neurogenesis during Midlife Development in Salmon: Genetic, Environmental and Thyroid Hormone Regulation. Journal of neuroendocrinology (Print) 2011 ;Volum 23.(8) s. 733-741

Skjæraasen, Jon Egil; Nilsen, Trygve; Meager, Justin James; Herbert, Neill A.; Moberg, Olav; Tronci, Valentina; Johansen, Torild; Salvanes, Anne Gro Vea.
Hypoxic avoidance behaviour in cod (Gadus morhua L.): The effect of temperature and haemoglobin genotype. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 2008 ;Volum 358.(1) s. 70-77



Other publications

  • Balseiro Vigo, Pablo; Moe, Øyvind; Gamlem, Ingrid; Shimizu, Munetaka; Sveier, Harald; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Ebbesson, Lars O.E.; Pedrosa, Cindy; Tronci, Valentina; Nylund, Are; Handeland, Sigurd O Muscle development and heart condition in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) post-­smolts reared in Preline S-CCS. 2017.
  • Vindas, Marco Antonio; Gorissen, Marnix; Höglund, Erik; Flik, G.; Tronci, Valentina; Damsgård, Børge; Thörnqvist, Per-Ove; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Winberg, Svante; Øverli, Øyvind; Ebbesson, Lars O.E. How do individuals cope with stress? A neuroendocrine substrate for proactive and reactive coping styles in fish. 2016.
  • Denker, Elsa; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Tronci, Valentina; Hazlerigg, David; Ebbesson, Lars O.E. Turning light into hormonal signalling: mapping the melatonin receptive cells in the brain of the juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), and circadian and seasonal variations through smoltification. 2016.
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