Research Topic: Enhanced Oil Recovery

Research areas related to the topic: Energy

Oil recovery efficiency is a product of the volumetric displacement efficiency (volume of swept zone) and microscopic displacement efficiency (displacement efficiency in swept zone). The most important action to increase the swept reservoir volume is to increase the number of wells, and this is targeted both from research and within the industry. However, there is also a need for targeting the oil left behind in swept zones. CIPR focuses on understanding the structure of oil left behind, and how changes in conditions can lead to remobilization of the oil. Action to remobilize trapped oil has to be economic and energy efficient. We are doing fundamental research aimed to give options also for unswept oil in situations where costs prevent new wells.
Investigating for the potential for EOR by improved microscopic displacement efficiency requires that the basic mechanisms can be governing the processes are well understood, and can be included into predictive modelling tools. At present, this  is not the case for many EOR methods.

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