Research Topic: Fish biology, welfare and health

Research areas related to the topic: Environment

We develop fundamental biological knowledge on how the environment influences fish development, growth, reproduction, smolt quality, and disease. Our researchers specialize on the integration of neuroscience, endocrinology, physiology, behavior and disease in order to advance local, national and international objectives to identify and resolve environmental issues faced by aquaculture, restoration and wild fish populations.

Our research is funded through national strategic projects (e.g CODE and OPP), innovation projects (Salmofutura, SalmonProbe) and basic projects from the EU (COPEWELL) and RCN (e.g. FRIMEDBIO, GROW, NORDFORSK), in addition to industrial projects.

Researchers at Uni Research Environment, in cooperation with Nofima and University of Bergen, have established a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI), where fish production, welfare, health and technological solutions are investigated to develop closed and semi-closed aquaculture systems. This is be done in collaboration with 14 companies from the aquaculture and supplier industry. The centre is named CtrlAQUA, Centre for Research-based Innovations in Controlled-environment Aquaculture.




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