Research Topic: Microalgae industrial applications

Research areas related to the topic: Biotechnology


Researchers at the algae pilot site at Mongstad: from left: Dorinde Kleinegris, senior researcher at Uni Research AS, project manager Hans Kleivdal, research director at Uni Research Environment and associate professor at the University of Bergen; Tom Roger Lid, prosess engineer at CO2Bio, Jeroen de Vree, researcher at Uni Research AS. (Photo: Thor Brødreskift.)

Industrial application of microalgae is one of major focus areas for Applied Biotechnology research group. We have recently completed a larger investigation project called ProAlgae for FHF and aquaculture industry. ProAlgae focused on research status, industrial feasibility and techno-financial evaluation for developement of new valuable products from microalgae.

The research group also leads a work package in bioprospecting and microalgae production in a newly started EU FP7 projekt MIRACLES which is managed by the Wageningen University (NL). In this project, Uni Research and EWOS have special focus on development of microalgae for fish feed. MIRACLES has a broad industrial participation (13 industrial partners) with strong engagement from prominent companies as Unilever (NL) and DSM (NL).

Below: cultivation fo microalgae. Photo credit: Siv Kristin Prestegard



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