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Uni Research Trace Element Lab is a state of the art lab analyzing trace element concentrations from marine calcium carbonates measuring elemental ratios like Mg/Ca. The purpose is to give an accurate estimate of reconstructed ocean temperatures. The laboratory can provide trace element analyses of small concentrations in other calcium carbonates as well. The lab is calibrated with other well-reputed laboratories in Europe.

Lab description

The laboratory houses preparation facilities and a new Agilent 720 ICP-OES with a SPS 3 Autosampler and SVS 2 productivity package. Our routines for analysis of marine calcium carbonates include Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca, Li/Ca, Mn/Ca, Al/Ca and Fe/Ca. Our cleaning procedures is based on that used by the Department of Earth Sciences University of Cambridge and the LSCE in Gif-sur-Yvette (France).


Researchers and technical staff at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research in Bergen are able to advise and supervise researchers and students in the process of analyzing foraminiferal calcite for paleoclimatic reconstructions. We have the capacity to undertake commercial work and inquiries for analyses are welcome. Our mission is to serve the researchers at BCCR, our academic partners as well as other institutions.

In order to maintain and improve the quality and routines of our laboratory, we cooperate with other European laboratories doing the same kind of analysis as well as our local Agilent supplier.

Inter-laboratory standard – ECRM 752-1

  Concentration (Ca) Mg/Ca
   168.9  3.676
  168.6 3.755
  50.2005 3.779
  52.1679 3.757
  52.482 3.754
  50.2066 3.760
Mean   3.762
St.Dev.   0.009
Nominal value   3.761 (± 0.069)
Offset   0.001


Responsible for the daily operation is Amandine Tisserand and Jørund R. Strømsøe, scientific responsible is Trond M. Dokken.


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