EXPREC - Climatic changes in short duration extreme precipitation and rapid onset flooding - implications for design values

Project Department: Uni Research Climate (group: Climate Dynamics) period: 01.04.15 - 31.03.18

About the project

The project focuses on improving our understanding of short duration (less than 24 hours) precipitation extremes, their relationship to rapid onset flooding (e.g. flash floods and urban floods), and the variability and sensitivity of these processes to climate change.

Special emphasis is on incorporating information about climate change and climate change uncertainties into design values suitable for extremeprecipitation and rapid onset flooding events.

The project explicitly addresses several key foci of the call: It aims to increase understanding of how changes in climate may change the occurrence and intensity of natural hazards and to incorporate this knowledge in a useful way for impact and adaptation purposes.

While longer duration floods and precipitation have been addressed in earlier research projects, this is the first project on short-duration extremes. Thus,we believe the project will be very beneficial by increasing the national scientific knowledge of the topic.

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