MARGINS - Greenland Margins: Glacial Ice, Ocean and Atmospheric Dynamics

Project Department: Uni Research Climate (group: Climate Variability) period: 01.01.15 - 31.12.18

About the project


MARGINS seeks to understand how the small ice caps, mountain glaciers and outlet glaciers along the margins of Greenland interact with the atmosphere, ocean and sea ice, as they respond more quickly to climatic changes than the vast Greenland ice sheet.

The overarching objective of MARGINS is improved determination and understanding of changes to the glaciers and ice caps along the margins of the Greenland ice sheet and the physical links between glacial ice, ocean, and atmosphere. The cross-cutting research will investigate and identify linkages between three complementary components:

(1) Glaciers, using terrestrial field studies (physical/biological analysis of new and existing glacial lake cores), remote sensing (focused on southeast Greenland), and ice modelling (ISSM, mass balance modelling);

(2) Oceans, using satellite, instrumental, historical and new and emerging palaeo proxy data (fjord sediment cores, sclerochronology);

(3) Atmosphere, using meteorological and reanalysis datasets, global models (NorESM) and exploration of dynamical downscaling approaches that incorporate atmospheric dynamical models (WRF-Glacier), basin-scale hydrology and glacier processes.

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