Service Rates

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Service rates

Trace element analysis
The price for measurements depends on the number the samples, timeframe for delivery, pre-treatment etc., and we aim to offer a low price to our customers and the price is therefore a cost price, only covering the actual costs of running the lab. If you need accurate cost estimation, please send an enquiry. When we receive samples for analysis we will clean the samples according to Barker et al. (2003), perform the measurement and processing the results. If samples are sent to us pre-cleaned the cost will be reduced.

Service rates Uni Research TELab

Service Academic non – Academic Analysis without preparation
  NOK Euro NOK Euro NOK Euro
Mg/Ca analysis 300 40* 600 80* 150 20*
Picking of forams 650 per/h 88* per/h 650 per/h 88* per/h
Training for self-service 15000 2000*
* small adjustments can be made due to changing NOK/Euro rates


If you want us to make a quotation, please make a request by mail


Other services

  • We offer to pick foraminifera for subsequent trace element (Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca etc.) analysis. Because of difference between the species and the nature of each sample we operate with payment per hour for this service.
  • We have facilities for sampling and washing of marine sediments directly from the core, and we therefore offer this service to our customers.
  • High-precision milling of accretionary carbonates (e.g. bivalves and otoliths) can be performed. The lab is equipped with a NewWave Micromill with sub-micron sample motion control.
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