Case study at the University of Bergen (SLATE)

Project Department: Uni Research Computing (group: Center for Big Data Analysis)

About the project

This project is part of the cluster "BIG and SMALL DATA in Education" established in the research center SLATE. Uni Research Computing will apply the Big Data platform for Educational data developed for SLATE to educational data related to the University of Bergen (UiB).  The data and services work will be carried out in discussion with relevant instances at UiB (e.g. DigUiB, Department of Communications, IT etc.), and in collaboration with Educational scientists and  a dedicated Post Doc researcher.

After appropriate discussions about the research agenda, this project will ingest data from UiB educational data (for example the UiB-internal platform Mitt UiB) into the system and will carry out learning analytics research on that base. An appropriate user interface will be provided. Later during the project, other sources relevant to the education at UiB will be made available, which will allow for further scientific investigations. In the second half of the project, services for the different stakeholders (administration, teachers, learners) will be established. These will provide data access through web-based graphical user interfaces. This entails research on what is possible with the available data (and according to laws of privacy, ethics, etc.), what kind of decision-making is desired, and how to visualise it in a good manner.  A design-research paradigm ([1], [2]) will be used to identify services, design interfaces, and evaluate their use. Possible collaboration with Future Learn and Future Learn partners, who provide the MOOC platform on which UiB MOOCs run, are envisaged.


  • identification of UiB data to be used in the project
  • UiB educational data import (e.g. Mitt UiB)
  • Learning Analytics Research
  • Future Learn (MOOC) and further data import
  • Services


  • Repository of UiB big educational data
  • Learning Analytics for big educational data
  • Stakeholder services for big educational data


[1] Hevner A. R., March S. T., Park J. and Ram S., Design Science in Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly 28, 75 (2004),

[2] Nunamaker Jr. J. F., Chen M. and  Purdin T. D. M., Systems Development in Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems 7, 89 (1990),


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