Project Department: Uni Research Computing (group: Language and Language Technology Group)

About the project

Corpuscle is a new, versatile web-based management platform for annotated corpora. Due to its support for richly annotated text, for user annotations, and for multimedia, it is used in a variety of corpus building and research projects at the University of Bergen and elsewhere. Corpuscle is also one of the corner stones in the Bergen CLARINO centre infrastructure.

Project home page:

A selection of corpora hosted in Corpuscle:

Norwegian Newspaper Corpus: A 1.4 billion word Norwegian newspaper corpus

ICAME: The International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English

NTAP: The Networks of Texts and People blog corpus

Talebanken: A Norwegian dialect corpus with transcribed audio recordings

ASK: An annotated corpus of second language learners’ texts

The Georgian National Corpus: An emerging diachronic corpus of Georgian

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