The Norwegian Newspaper Corpus

Project Department: Uni Research Computing (group: Language and Language Technology Group)

About the project

CLU has developed and continues to maintain the Norwegian Newspaper Corpus (Aviskorpus). This comprises newspaper texts from 24 national and local newspapers, dating back to 1998. The corpus is updated on a daily basis, and as of June 2014 totalled some 1.2 billion words. CLU is currently funded by the National Library of Norway to prepare the material for inclusion in the Norwegian Language Bank.

This resource stands as a large and continuously updated monitor corpus of contemporary Norwegian, in both its written varieties. As such, it is an invaluable resource for the study of language change, neologistic usage, and lexical productivity and creativity. It is also used by researchers interested in how the media influences society’s understanding of major issues, like climate change. A collection1 of articles based on Aviskorpus reflects the diversity of research that has been enabled by this resource.

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1 Andersen, G., "Exploring Newspaper Language: Using the Web to Create and Investigate a Large Corpus of Modern Norwegian", Volume 49 of Studies in corpus linguistics, John Benjamins Publishing, 2012.

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