iEnzyme - Optimizing enzymatic hydrolysis of marine by-products

Project Department: Uni Research Environment (group: Applied Biotechnology)

About the project

In a large and ongoing national project, NorZymeD, new enzymes have been identified and developed according to industrial needs. The aim is to make these enzymes applicable for Norwegian bio-based industries. In iEnzyme, these and other enzymes will be optimized by researchers in Uni Research in collaboration with the industry for application in hydrolysis of marine by-products. The enzymes will be used to produce bioingredients for feed applications based on by-products of the salmon farming industry.  

The enzymes will be evaluated in industrial conditions in the laboratory. Upscaling of hydrolysis from lab scale to industrial scale is complicated and will require optimization. In addition, immobilization of enzymes will be evaluated. Generally, immobilised enzymes are more stable and can be separated in the hydrolysis process for recovery and reuse.

The iEnzyme project will contibute to generate a more stable, robust and economic production. As such, iEnzyme will increase knowledge about new enzymes and technologies that can provide a more economic production and market relevant products for the bio-based industries in the marine sector.

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