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Ocean_Certain: Ocean Food-web Patrol – Climate Effects: Reducing Targeted Uncertainties with an Interactive Network. FP7, 2013 –2017.

The marine food web is at the centre of both the climate-related CO2 cycle and food production in the marine environment, and plays a key role in regulating the climate system. It is highly sensitive to climate change and other stressors.

OCEAN-CERTAIN investigates the impact of climatic and non -climatic stressors on the food web and the connected biological pump, and the important feedback mechanisms. This is done by utilizing existing ecosystem models employing existing data, in addition to mesocosm, lab-scale experiments and field study. My particular role in this project is to facilitate a mesocosm study in Ny-Ålesund in 2015 in collaboration with the NRC-financed project MikroPolar.

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