Marine monitoring Hordaland 2016-2018

Project Department: Uni Research Environment (group: SAM-Marin - marine biology) period: 01.01.16 - 01.04.19

About the project

The purpose of the this monitoring program is to document the environmental status of the fjords in Hordaland, and to detect trends. The monitoring program consist of monthly sampling of mainly hydrographical parameters such as salinity, temperatur and oksygen, but also includes fluorescens and (in selected months) nutrients. Samples are collected from 14 different sites, covering most of the major fjord in the county of Hordaland. Once every year (jul.-sept.) macroalgea from the littoral zone on 22 different sites are investigated, which results in a yearly "macroalgae report". The monitoring program also includes a benthic survey (macrofauna and sediment) of 7 fjords i Hordaland.

Results from the this 3-year period of "Marin monitoring Hordaland" will be published as a report in 2019. Results is also reported yearly to Vannmiljø

Foto: Einar Bye-Ingebrigtsen

Uni Research Environment responsebilities: Sampling and reporting. Prosject leader Einar Bye-Ingebrigtsen (Uni Research Environment, SAM-Marin).

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