Marine sampling for the study of environmental impact of HAVSUL 1

Project Department: Uni Research Environment (group: SAM-Marin - marine biology) period: 01.01.10 - 28.08.12

Project results

Report (in norwegian): SAM e-rapport nr. 38-2012

About the project

This project present result from the marine monitoring programme for the planned offshore wind fam HAVSUL 1. The aim of the study was to assess the environmental seabed conditions in the area with emphasis on benthic macrofauna. Samplings were performed in September 2010 and ni August 2011 in the impact area and in a representative reference area. The surveys comprise hydrography, benthic fauna and geological studies. In addition to soft sediment samples, fauna associated with kelp forest and sea-floor images from ROV transects at hard seabes areas have been analysed.