Research in Uni Research Health

Uni Research Health

Uni Research Health has approximately 130 employees, most of them located in Bergen, Norway.The total annual revenue for the department reached NOK 105,6 million in 2015. The main source of finances is the Norwegian government, through various Ministries (of Education and Research; of Children and Family Affairs; of Health) and Directorates (most importantly the Directorate for Health and Social Affairs), and other agencies. The Norwegian Research Council is another important source of funding, as well as business and private funds, a few charitable organizations and foundations.

Health, rehabilitation and social welfare

Several research projects are related to topics such as health, sickness absence and rehabilitation. The research unit Stress, health and rehabilitation has several studies which aims at reducing sick leave and to avoid withdrawal from normal working and social life. Dental Biomaterials: Adverse Research Unit focus on health related to dental materials.

Mental health

Other important research topics are mental health among people in the different phases of life. Through training, research and evaluation the Child Protection Research Unit adds valuable competence to the field of child protection. The Bergen Child Study is one of the most extensive study of childrens mental health and development. The study is conducted by Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The Grieg Academy Music Therapy Centre (GAMUT) aims to provide research relevant to the connection of music and health.

General practice and emergency primary health care

Uni Research Health conducts research in the field of general practice and emergency primary health care. In 2004 approximately 2500 people were infected with the Giardia parasite in Bergen and several studies on the Giardia patients are conducted by the Research Unit for General Practice. The Research Unit for General Practice also focuses on drug treatment, sick leave and medically unexplained symptoms. National Centre for Emergency Primary Health Care gains and promotes knowledge about emergency primary health care through research and development of the field. National Centre for Emergency Primary Health Care is also assigned task within professional development, research and competence improvement for the assault centres

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