Norwegian Primary Care Research Network and Music Therapy for Depression in Primary Health Care

Project Department: Uni Research Health (groups: Research Unit for General Practice in Bergen, Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre) period: from 01.09.18

About the project

Depression is one of the main causes of loss of health and disability in Norway, thus representing a significant societal problem. International research shows good effects of music therapy on depression, but the establishment of music therapy practice in Norway is still inadequate. There is also a need to evaluate the effect of different ways of practicing music therapy in depression. 

The Research Unit for General Practice in Bergen (RUGP Bergen) and Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Center (GAMUT) have received funding from Uni Research (Project No. 812369) to conduct a pilot study on music therapy in the autumn of 2018, in preparation for a multicenter study (randomized controlled study). Ethical approval is sought from the regional ethics committee (REC West) before the start of the project.”

The Norwegian Primary Care Research Network (in Norwegian called PraksisNett) is a new research infrastructure that facilitates recruitment of primary care patients to clinical studies and that thereby increases the power and predictability of these studies. Through PraksisNett West, we will recruit patients with depression to the pilot study. Eligible patients will be offered individual music therapy, but will be randomized to music therapy with or without two "enhancements"; home-based music listening and a specific breathing exercise.


(1) Establish the Regional Research Network in western Norway, PraksisNett West. (2) Map the prevalence of depression and various treatment measures in general practice. (3) Conduct a pilot study on the effect of music therapy in patients with depression: a. Recruit 6 patients in general practice through PraksisNett West. Patients are tested using standardized diagnostic tools (MADRS, HADS, GAF and RAND-36). b. Implement music therapy in 6 patients referred from their general practitioner, 12 sessions over 6 weeks each, with or without reinforcement elements. c. Follow the patients after attending music therapy with standardized diagnostic tools. (4) Conduct a seminar / workshop for Norwegian music therapists. Theme: music therapy in depression. Lecturers: researchers / collaborators from the University of Jyväskylä.

Project group: Sabine Ruths, Knut-Arne Wensaas, Nina Lunde and Tone Smith-Sivertsen at RUGP Bergen, Christian Gold, Brynjulf Stige and Monika Geretsegger at GAMUT.


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