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TIME-A meeting 2015, Rockville Centre, NY

In October 2015, the annual TIME-A meeting took place outside of Europe for the first time: John Carpente and his team at the US site kindly hosted both the research meeting and an international conference on music therapy and autism at the Rebecca Center for Music Therapy at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY.


TIME-A site managers and music therapists from the US, Korea, Brazil and Austria.
On-site at Molloy College, TIME-A site managers and music therapists from the US, UK, Korea, Italy, Brazil, and Austria met with the central study team from Norway


Collaborators from all sites participated in the research meeting: TIME-A site managers and music therapists from the US, UK, Korea, Italy, Brazil, and Austria met with the central study team from Norway; using video link-up, site managers from the UK, Norway, Israel and Australia were also able to join the discussions when the time difference between continents permitted.

We specifically discussed feedback from the trial’s Data Monitoring Committee, and the timeline for the remaining part of the research project.

Since the last annual meeting, the rate of recruitment has been steadily increasing: About 340 children have been recruited to TIME-A until October 2015, thus already exceeding the initial recruitment goal of 300 participants, and making TIME-A the largest randomised controlled study in the field of autism spectrum disorders so far.

Recruitment has meanwhile come to an end on November 10, 2015.

First results will become available from summer 2016 on, and the first publication with final results is to be expected in 2017.

Given the rich mixture of roles within the research project represented by this meeting’s participants (clinician, assessor, manager, researcher), we were also able to explore all the various levels and different perspectives of being involved in the first international, multicentre RCT of music therapy in ASD.

While overall study conditions were the same at all sites, we discussed how different cultural backgrounds as well as variation in setting and amount of general services for children with ASD might have modified participating families’ individual experiences. Another task for the meeting was to develop and write up joint proposals for submission to upcoming international conferences.

Presented at a conference on Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

The enthusiasm of all involved and the collaborative spirit that was noticeable throughout the meeting also characterised the international conference entitled “International Perspectives on Improvisational Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Research and Practice” that took place on October 30.

Keynotes by Kenneth Aigen (“Contemporary Social Movements in the Autistic Community: Implications for Music Therapy Research”) and TIME-A principal investigator Christian Gold (“Trial of Improvisational Music Therapy’s Effectiveness for Autism (TIME-A): What have we learned from 278 children in 9 countries?”) were followed by 4 sessions featuring concurrent presentations by international TIME-A collaborators and US music therapists on clinical and research topics.

Well-attended by about 150 participants, this conference was another excellent opportunity to learn from each other and to discuss future directions for music therapy in the field of autism.


TIME-A meeting 2014, Vienna

The TIME-A research group has met again in July 2014 in Vienna. Collaborators from all sites - Australia, Austria, Brazil, Israel, Italy, Korea, Norway, USA, UK – participated in this meeting. Surrounded by the beautiful city of Vienna, the meeting atmosphere was inspiring and constructive. Like every time we shared our experiences with the project and learned from each other’s progresses. Being half time through the project, routines have become strong and our sites in Brazil and UK, starting enrollment this year, will benefit from the established standard operating procedures.

The TIME-A research group in Vienna: Cochavit Elefant, Jinah Kim, Ferdinando Suvini, Amelia Oldfield, John Carpente, Karin Mössler, Christian Gold, Gustavo Gattino, Monika Geretsegger, Grace Thompson, Łucja Bieleninik, Tali Gottfried.


We especially discussed the important topic of participant recruitment and how the team can accelerate enrollment processes and find solutions for “bottlenecks”. We went through routines and processes concerning our two research data storages – Open Clinica and the newly developed UHEADS – for providing an optimal infrastructure for administrating the big amount of data that is collected in this longitudinal project. Furthermore we discussed ongoing sub-projects and future papers to write. On the last day we prepared our symposium which was presented at the World Congress of Music Therapy 2014 in Krems, Austria. For this occasion the TIME-A team created a song on the bus tour from Vienna to Krems which was performed at the beginning of the TIME-A symposium. To the tune of the Sound of Music song “DO RE MI” you can sing with us:

my dear, just starting up
domising what a trial
the child just won’t turn up
too busy for this trial
we’ll have to test again
and running out of time
our problems are the same
And we keep coming back for more!


TIME-A meeting 2013, Bergen

After all on-line meetings and e-mail conversations, the TIME-A research group met again in August 2013 in Bergen. All site managers from all over the world could come and matching this special occasion, we started the meeting with having "Sachertorte", a cake from Vienna. The two following days were filled with sharing our experiences with the project at the particular sites, learning from each other and working in small groups on particular topics. This time we especially discussed music therapy for high functioning children with autism and tools for analysing music therapy sessions. Video analysis was also a topic from an ethic and legal point of view. The legal adviser of Uni Health, Pål Farsund, talked to us about rules and guidelines when dealing with personal data and especially transfer of data. In this regard, the TIME-A project follows the laws of the European Union regulating the processing and transfer of personal data in the EU/EEA countries, including Norway, cf. the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). On the way to the 9th European Music Therapy Congress in Oslo, we continued our discussions about papers to write, grant applications and much more. In between we could enjoy the wonderful Norwegian landscape we passed by on our train ride. We closed our meeting with an interesting and well-attended symposium at the European Music Therapy Congress which was dedicated to research and clinical topics within the TIME-A project. Some of the presentations can be found here. Also check our up-dated "Literature". There you can find references of newly published articles from our team.


TIME-A meeting 2012, Vienna

Gustavo Gattino, TIME-A's site manager for Brazil, is coming to Vienna to meet with the principal investigator, the site managers for Norway and Austria, and other collaborators. This is an "unofficial", second part of the kick-off meeting because Brazil was not represented in the official kick-off meeting. As part of this, Gustavo Gattino will give a presentation that is open to all. Other collaborators will be present and it will be possible to discuss aspects of the project. For more information, see here.


TIME-A meeting 2012, Bergen

The kick-off meeting is a three-day meeting bringing together the national and international collaborators for the first time. Monday and Wednesday are reserved for closed meetings, but on Tuesday there will be a public seminar that is open to everyone. See under "International Study Day".


TIME-A International study day 2012, Bergen

On June 5th, 2012, embedded in the official kick-off meeting of the TIME-A project, the TIME-A research group talked to the public on the topic "Autism and Music therapy". Music therapy students, music therapists, colleagues from other professions, as well as users gathered together for this exciting seminar. It got obvious that our topic is an important one for many and the high quality of the presentations inspired our participants to involve in a lively and enriching discussion. 

TIME-A research group
TIME_A group gathered at the kick-off meeting in Bergen. Jinah Kim, Ulla Holck, Karin Mössler, Christian Gold, Cochavit Elefant, John Carpåente, Tali Gottfried, Monika Gerettsegger and Grace Thompson


Please find the program and abstracts attached. We are also happy to share some of our presentations with you!

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