COPE-studien (Cognitive Patient Education trial)

Project Department: Uni Research Health (group: Research Unit for General Practice in Bergen) period: 03.11.08 - 31.12.16

About the project


The aims for this study is to explore whether improved understanding of the mechanisms of chronic back pain makes the patients more secure and less worried, and if this leads to faster recovery.


40 family physicians and physiotherapists have recruited a total of 218 patients for the study. Half of the providers have had a thorough education in pain physiology based on the “Explain Pain” concept of the Australian Lorimar Mosley. Following this education, they have provided this knowledge to their back pain patients through four sessions with each patient. The other half of the providers have not received this knowledge but have also met with their patients equally number of times to provide usual treatment according to the guidelines.


The patients are asked to respond to a number of questionnaires throughout the study period and one year follow-up. The primary outcomes are function while sick leave and pain are secondary outcomes.


Perceptions and fear avoidance are the most important factors for sustained unspecific back pain. The idea of this study is that improved understanding of the underlying neurophysiology mechanisms will help the patients to restore a normal life and thereby reduced attention to the pain.


The study has now ended and results will be available within 2015.

The study is accomplished in cooperation with Formi at Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål, and received in 2011 funds from Norwegian Research Council for a PH.D candidate, Ida Løchting.



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